Calling All Patients! We Need Your Feedback

At PDO Specialists we want to give you what YOU want. We think that what you want is excellent dental care and great service by a professional, friendly and supportive team. Is that right? If that’s what you want in your dental care, then here’s how to get it: Give Us Your Feedback! Your honest feedback will give us the […]

Have You Seen Our New Website? Check out These Amazing Features!

If you haven’t heard, WE LAUNCHED OUR NEW WEBSITE! As your San Diego orthodontists and pediatric dentists, we understand life is busy, but your children’s health and self-esteem are extremely important. That’s why we’ve partnered with Roadside Dental Marketing to build and design a website that makes your life easier when it comes to dental […]

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New Awesome Website Coming Soon!

Your San Diego dentist has a new website on the way! There are so many new features that will be available to you. Our website is being updated and refreshed! (Just like we all wish we could be made young again, thankfully our website can!) Our San Diego Dentist’s New Site We are so excited for our […]