Preventative Care is Vital to Your Child’s Good Health!

San Diego pediatric dentist discusses preventative care.

A pediatric dentist always needs to be thinking and planning for the future. With adults, there is no orofacial growth and development to consider, but with children, every visit is unique in that it will set the stage for your child’s future development.

We take this responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to maintain an open dialogue with parents, so they are well informed and equipped to assist their children with the home care needed to maintain their oral health.

Preventative Care Is The Key

Prevention is a key to a lifetime of good oral health, and it begins with daily brushing and flossing of your child’s teeth along with routine examinations and cleanings. Another important step in prevention is altering dietary patterns to limit a child’s exposure to sugar. Our pediatric dentists will thoroughly review all prevention strategies with you and create an individualized preventive plan for your child.

At each stage of dental development, there are important hallmarks for prevention that we will thoroughly review with you to optimize your child’s oral health. These may include:

  • Diet counseling: We converse with parents regarding the child’s diet. Does the child eat between meals? Do they lean towards eating sugary carbohydrates or protein? We are able to determine their risk level and recommend alternatives as part of our prevention program.
  • Hygiene: Daily brushing, proper flossing, and regular cleanings contribute to healthier teeth and gums. Optimal oral health contributes to a healthier body.
  • Growth and Development: Guidance/monitoring of dental/skeletal growth and development.
  • Sealants: A plastic sealant material that is flowed into the grooves of at-risk teeth to prevent decay.
  • Xylitol: A unique sugar substitute that reduces plaque and directly inhibits the effect of bacteria in causing tooth decay.
  • Mouthguards: Made for kids who participate in sports or activities that place them at risk for dental trauma.
  • Fluoride: A natural mineral that makes tooth enamel more resistant to the acid from bacteria that causes tooth decay. Fluoride also helps repair areas where acid attacks have already begun.

The sooner your children learn to adopt healthy hygiene habits, the better for their future. More than just teeth, a child’s smile influences their self-view. Having a healthy, harmonious, and straight smile can help build their confidence and self-esteem, whereas an unhealthy smile will stifle their growth as individuals.

Prevent problems today; your children will thank you tomorrow!

Do you have questions about preventative care? We love parents who want to learn more about their children’s optimal dental health. Just call our San Diego pediatric dentist office at (858)676-5000 or contact us, we will be happy to help.

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