San Diego Dentist | Kids Brushing for Fun: There’s an App for That!

We know persuading little kids to brush their teeth and do it well is a challenge. However, did you know there’s an app to make brushing more fun?

The American Dental Association states, “In the U.S., oral disease causes kids to miss 51 million school hours and their parents to lose 25 million work hours annually.”

Getting your kids to brush for 2-minutes twice each day can save them from severe tooth pain. How can you do it?

2-Minutes Makes a Difference

Kids have time to watch their goofy shows and play computer games. So, they DO have time to brush their teeth.

The field of dentistry agrees two minutes of brushing gets the job properly done. Technique, of course, is as important. Teach your kids to use short strokes, moving gently back and forth against the teeth and gums, and around the surface of every tooth. Also, show them how to use the tip of the brush to reach behind each front tooth on the top and bottom. But, what’s to keep them at it for two whole minutes?

Make Brushing Fun!

Kids have short attention spans, we get it. Their interest, though, can be perked and held by enthusiastic songs, comical characters, and games. Why not introduce that fun into their tooth brushing?

There’s an App for That

One such brushing app is at There are a variety of 2-minute catchy songs and cartoons to choose from.

Aquafresh has produced a fun, 2-minute brushing jam your kids will enjoy, featuring “Nurdles” and a reward system for completed brushing sessions.

Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

At PDO Specialists, Dr. Gordon Dixon, top San Diego dentist, knows you want the best in health and happiness for your entire family. Helping your children associate sound oral hygiene habits with good times will go far in making positive habits. Make brushing and biannual dental visits a regular part of your oral health routine and keep your kids smiling for years to come.

Share what fun steps you take to make sure your children keep their smiles at their best.

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