Calling All Patients! We Need Your Feedback

Pediatric dentist in San Diego please write us a review.

At PDO Specialists we want to give you what YOU want. We think that what you want is excellent dental care and great service by a professional, friendly and supportive team. Is that right? If that’s what you want in your dental care, then here’s how to get it: Give Us Your Feedback!

Your honest feedback will give us the information we need to make sure we are giving you everything you need from your dental care providers. We need to hear from you about the quality of service you are experiencing from us in every area – from the front desk to the back office.

Not Sure What To Say? This Will Help

Just comment on 1 of the following in your review:

  • What did our front office staff do to make you and your family feel welcome and comfortable?
  • Was the doctor on time for their appointment with you?
  • Was each member of our staff professional, helpful and courteous?
  • Did you feel that we listened to you and responded appropriately to your needs and requests?
  • Did we explain simply and clearly about any treatment or medication we recommended for you or your child?
  • Was our office environment clean, well-equipped, and comfortable?
  • What do you think we excel at doing?
  • What could we improve on?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for us?

Will you take just two minutes of your time and leave us a review? Just click on this link.

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Give us a 1 to 5 star rating (We hope it will be 5! ????) and then you can leave us a short comment on one of the above questions.

You can leave a review using your computer, tablet, or smart phone so take a short break from whatever you are doing and tell us what you think.

Even if you’ve left our pediatric dentist in San Diego a review in the past, please leave us another to keep us on our toes. Consistently high quality service is our goal! Thank you for your help and we promise to give your review our serious consideration.

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