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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a Child to Brush

A daily routine of oral hygiene protects precious baby teeth. But how can you get your child to brush? Download a free brushing chart from a kids dentist!

Do genetics influence oral health?

Do Genetics Influence Oral Health?

Do genetics influence your oral health? Recent studies say yes and no. Learn about which health factors you can control in our latest article.

Want to Be a Dentist? 6 Steps You Need to Take

Do you dream of being a dentist? It’s considered in the top 100 best jobs in the country! Learn the six steps you need to take to pursue your dental career dreams.

Does your breath smell awful no matter how much you brush your teeth?

Why Do I Still Have Bad Breath After Brushing?

What if you’ve brushed your teeth and the bad breath persists? Learn 6 possible reasons you’re experiencing that “not-so-fresh” feeling even after brushing, as well as a few ways to solve the problem.