Myths and Facts about Invisalign

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are some of the most amazing innovations in orthodontics over the past 20 years.  Straightening teeth without braces has encouraged millions of patients to pursue orthodontic treatment.  Many of these patients had resolved to living with their crooked teeth or poor bite simply because braces were not an option for them. However, as exciting as Invisalign is, many people still have questions about this technology and it is important to separate facts from fiction.

Myth #1 –  Invisalign is only for simple problems

Fact:  Invisalign can be used to correct just about every problem.  As with any technology (cell phones, computers, etc.) Invisalign is constantly evolving and has changed dramatically over the past decade.   This is great news because many patients who would not have been able to have treatment using Invisalign in the past may now be excellent candidates.

Myth #2  Invisalign is Invisalign… it doesn’t matter who provides care.

Fact: Invisalign is just a tool that doctors use to straighten teeth. Align Technology (the manufacturer) does not diagnose or treatment plan the cases. The success or failure of each case is determined by the training and skill of each doctor who uses it. An orthodontist with advanced training and experience will usually understand diagnosis and tooth movement better than a general dentist who has just taken a weekend certification course. There are also different skill levels among orthodontists.

Myth #3  Treatment with Invisalign takes twice as long as braces.

Fact:  Teeth move at the same pace with braces and Invisalign.  In truth, a patient’s inherent biology (bone metabolism, bite force, etc) is the determining factor in how fast teeth will move.  This is why some patients teeth move faster than others.  Additionally, the complexity of a patient’s bite (severity of crowding/spacing, overbite/underbite, etc.) also dictates how long their particular treatment will last.

Myth #4  My insurance won’t cover Invisalign

Fact:  Invisalign is FDA approved. If you have insurance for orthodontics, you have insurance for Invisalign. Many people worry about their insurance benefits and the cost of Invisalign.  However, finances do not have to be a barrier to starting treatment. We’ll work with you to find a comfortable financial solution to ensure you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

Myth #5: I’m too young/old for Invisalign.

FACT: With Invisalign Teen we can now treat patients as soon as baby teeth have been lost.  We also have patients who are in their 60s and 70s who are being treated successfully with Invisalign.  In fact, Dr. Amodeo’s Mother just completed her treatment with Invisalign and Dr. Gordon Dixon’s Mother is starting hers!   Just because you’re “getting older” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look and feel your best. Orthodontics can be done for adults of any age and season of life!

Dr. Thurston and Dr. Gordon Dixon are Invisalign fans in San Diego, CA, and we think you will be too. It is important however that all of us approach treatment with our eyes wide open and that we understand the facts before treatment begins.  Please call our office or click here to schedule your initial examination!

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