What Does Your View of the Dentist Teach Your Children?

As a parent, you significantly impact your child’s life. Genetics dictate physical features that are passed on such as stature, and eye color—much of which you don’t have control over. Yet, there’s still a lot you do have a say about when it comes to your kids: like how they feel about the dentist.

A survey of 183 children ages 7 to 12 and their families revealed that:

  • Children are likely to develop a fear of the dentist if one of their parents displays that attitude.
  • The higher the level of dental fear displayed by one family member, the greater the level in the rest.
  • The father’s feelings about going to the dentist play a vital role in whether a mother’s fear of the dentist will be passed on to their children. In other words, it appears that how a child views the dentist is more significantly influenced by the father’s attitude of the dentist than that of mom.

The conclusion was that it’s most beneficial to involve both mothers and fathers alike in alleviating the development of dental fears. That makes sense, so how do we do it?

  • Start instilling the value of good oral hygiene at an early age. Bring them for a dental checkup by the time they reach their 1st birthday.
  • Both mom and dad should set a good example in oral hygiene, and regular dental visits.
  • Speak positively to your children about the dentist.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s oral health, teaching them to brush and floss correctly.

A positive view of your dentist can have a tremendous effect on the entire family. Encourage giving the gift of a lifelong, happy smile by sharing this post with parents raising young ones today.

Some parents play games or provide incentives for their children to keep their smiles healthy. Whether you visit Drs. Amodeo, Lam, Eitzen, Good, Dixon or Thurston, share with any of these top dentists in San Diego what works for you and your kids.

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