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Young woman smiling and holding a giant crown on her head

Dental Crowns Can Protect And Reignite Your Smile

At Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists, many of our patients have had dental crowns (or crown & bridge treatment) to restore their beautiful smiles. But many haven’t, and we often get questions about what a crown is and why we would place one. We’re glad to take a moment today to give you a general […]

woman in pink shirt pulling dental floss out of white container

Dentist In San Diego Provides Top Oral Hygiene Tips

In these uncertain times, everyone has placed a bigger focus on hygiene and clean spaces. But for dental practices – including at Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontic Specialists, your dentist in San Diego, hand and respiratory hygiene are concepts that always have and will continue to have great importance to all of us. The health and […]

Dental Bonding For A Beautiful Smile

Your smile makes a statement – it speaks volumes without a single word being uttered. But if you’re unhappy with your teeth, you aren’t putting your best smile forward. One of the techniques we use as a San Diego family dentist that repairs smiles with excellent results is dental bonding. It can beautifully transform imperfections […]

Restoring Your Smile After Tooth Extractions

Last month, we blogged about the reasons you may need a tooth extraction. As your San Diego Family Dentist, at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists, we also have ways to restore your teeth if your tooth extraction left you with a gap in your smile that changes how well you chew, speak, and feel around […]

A Tooth Extraction Primer – First In A 2-Part Series!

As a San Diego Family Dentist, at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists, a tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures we do besides regular dental hygiene care and thorough oral health checkups. And while we’ll always do our best to treat your tooth to save it, there are many reasons why pulling one […]

Wake Up Refreshed With Sleep Apnea Treatment From Your San Diego Family Dentist

  Sleep apnea is a disorder that results in the momentary cessation of breathing throughout the night. These involuntary pauses in breathing might seem like a small thing, but for some people, they occur up to sixty or more times per hour for a duration of up to 30 seconds each time… That’s almost FOUR […]

dental emergency? call us!

Emergency Dentist in San Diego – We’re Here When You Need Us

No one ever wants to need an emergency dentist in San Diego, and it’s for that reason exactly that you should plan how to react should you experience a dental emergency. The first thing to know is that if you have a dental emergency, our team at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists is ready to […]

Teeth Sealants In San Diego Protect Your Smile!

  Did you know … teeth sealants (also called dental sealants, or just sealants) in San Diego are an effective and popular way to prevent cavities in molars and premolars. And they aren’t just for kids! Sealants are plastic coatings that are painted on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Because the sealant material is […]